3 Types of Scrunchies – Ceremonia GNP

The first step is to use the standard scrunchie. You will need a 55 x 10 inch strip of fabric as well as 20cm of elastic. Sew 5 cm of fabric to from the edge and the front the fabric. To create a tube reverse the fabric. If your hands aren’t adequate, make use of a chopstick or a small stick to reverse the fabric. The circle is created by sewing. The elastic band must be sewn. To make the scrunched appearance move the fabric backwards as you place the elastic band. Sew the hole. Cut off any loose threads.

These scrunchies resemble to regular scrunchies except that there are 30 pom-poms as well as your elastic band. Mama Project recommends transparent fabrics for allowing the pom-poms to emerge. The pom-poms should be pushed into the tube when you have made it. They’ll move about as you wear the scrunchie.

A third kind of scrunchies is those made that has the lace. The scrunchie materials made with lace are exactly like a normal one except that you will need 60 centimeters of cotton. You’ll have to attach the fabric to the edges the fabric prior to sew. When you’re sewing, take off the pins. yn1r6w4b8o.