A Look At Racial Bias Training For Police Officers – Blog Author

formals, they go through before the start of their work. The training is crucial for police officers who work with people of diverse backgrounds. The police officer’s job is to be able to recognize these distinctions.

It is important to not take note of your decisions. Sometimes people make decisions without thinking or even realizing that they have made a decision. This kind of behavior is unacceptable for officers of the police who are required to act fair and impartially within their communities. It is vital for police officers to be consistent in their decision making since they’re often put in a variety of situations.

Police officers are able to learn from each other and to share their knowledge with other officers, and to help one other to overcome their biases. Understanding the training will also help you understand that implicit bias should not be something police can offer. Officers should understand that implicit bias is a matter that is human and should strive at resolving it every day that they go to their job.