An Introduction to Forklift Attachments and Their Purposes – Rad Center

Forklift attachments help to move and carry heavy loads. Businesses can cut costs as well as time by choosing top attachments.
Some of the most popular attachments for trucks with forklifts include side shifters. Side shifters are ideal for lifting loads that are heavy, they can also be utilized for moving loads within narrow warehouse aisles as well as in shelves. For operators, it is much easier to align pallets without moving all the forklift trucks. Clamps for paper rolls are yet another useful attachment for forklifts. They are used in paper production, newspaper printing tissues production, printing, and various other areas of paper handling. The automatic control of these attachments helps to prevent paper damage to rolls.
Moving loads can be done faster and efficiently using fork positioners. Operators can be more precise in how they position pallets by using the hydraulic control of the forklifts. Appliance clamps come in flexible and rigid versions. Their main function is to move and stacking the pallets of goods with no pallets. Appliance clamps are employed to securely transport household appliances including TVs, refrigerators and other appliances. 81wcq2o4mm.