Can You Have Solar Panels on a Flat Roof? – Remodeling Magazine

Is it possible to have solar panels mounted on flat roofs by istribution firms? If you are getting a quote on solar panels, ensure that you know your roof’s characteristics and how you can use it to meet your energy needs. The best way to study your roof is to work closely with your energy company, who has gone through an education in solar panels provided with the help of the government. They’re reliable and in their ability to offer you an accurate recommendation.

Consider the specifications for solar panels which are installed on sloped, flat or ground-mounted rooftops. Sometimes your solar panel installer won’t be able to do work on a flat roof because of a lack of experience. Flat roofs should not be recommended by major solar companies. They can only make use of specific equipment or system designs to lower costs. It is still possible to seek assistance from another service. Ask for quotes from several solar panel contractors if are a homeowner with a flat roofing. Doing so will help you locate the most reliable company experienced sufficient to set up solar panels to your specific roof.