Do You Have a Legal Defense for Self Defense? – Dan Park Law Group

When physical battles and the iege increase and more frequent, it’s important to know when self-defense laws can be found. Do you think self-defense is legal? The answer to this question can take a long time; however, the attached video is an excellent reference to help you understand when legal self-defense might be possible.

If someone is in an incident that is physical in which they have to fight for their self defense as a legal defense. A person’s right to defend themselves and another with reasonable force is self-defense. You may resort to force if you are under imminent threat of being threatened. In situations where you’re at risk of physical harm or death.

To be considered self-defense, there are certain elements which must be taken into consideration. The person has to prove that they were faced with the threat of physical violence that was imminent that required only the level of force required to defend them, and they were left with no other option due to the immediate nature of the threat. These criteria will allow self defense to be considered valid in any situation.