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The word “s” means. It was typical to gift coins for holidays, celebrations and occasions in the ancient world of Greece. This is where the fascination with collecting coins started. Here are some fascinating facts about coins.

Single Euro coins having an face value of 1 cent each (EUR0.01) consist of copper-plated steel, equaling one-hundredth of a euro. It has the most negligible value in the Eurozone.

Amazon, Etsy, and eBay are just a couple of online marketplaces that let you purchase coins from the 1800s for sale. In August of 2022, NGC Price Guide estimates that the worth of a Liberty Coin from 1800 ranges anywhere from $1,085 to $16,000. In contrast 1,800 silver dollar coins in perfect, mint state can be sold for as much as $310,000 when purchased in the market.

The local pawn shop, the pawn dealer and online merchants can all sell silver coin. If you visit one of the dealers that specialize in precious metals, then you might be able to purchase bars instead of coins.

Knowing everything you can about latest coins from the Mint as well as how to avoid purchasing counterfeit coins is the key in becoming a successful coin dealer.