How to Install a Shingle Roof – Home Improvement Tax

Installing a new roofing system isn’t necessarily difficult. After you have mastered the technique it will allow you build your own roof within a matter of minutes. But, it is difficult and possibly dangerous. Falls off roofings can be the most deadly accident in the construction. In this video we will show you how to install a shingle roof correctly and in a safe manner.

Safety is paramount. The ladder should be placed on a level surface. You don’t want that ladder falling over when you climb upwards to the roof. Second, make sure you wear a safety harness or equivalent in order to stay safe at the top. Working high up on an inclines can cause you to slide off balance.

When you are placing shingles, make sure to extend them six inches along the sides and 5 inches over the top. It will make sure that rain and wind don’t penetrate into your home. In order to protect the roof from damage, make sure to cover the roofing in felt. When you’re done, you may find that it is necessary to cut off the felt or shingles to make them fit the roof.