How to Restore a Jeep – Auto Body Collision Repair News

Driving your own vehicle. People search on the Internet for salvage Jeeps which can be fixed. The Youtube video “Complete Jeep Restoration in 10 Minutes”, shows you the entire procedure. You can then decide what you’d like to do to repair your vehicle. It is time to learn more.

This Jeep is a 1981 CJ-7. It’s perfect for restorations. Although the car had seen a lot of use however, it didn’t have many marks. The engine is straight-6 that comes from AMC and was functional, but the host of the clip needed something else.

Therefore, one of the first things they did was remove the previous engine out. The new engine will not be put into service until all cars have been remodeled. Prior to proceeding with the project, however, they had be sure it would fit the updated specs. Once they calculated that they could assemble and set them up with the motor mounts. They were required to cut a small cutting in the bumper.

The rest of the video for more details on finding salvage repairable Jeeps to sell and then restoring them.