How to Talk With Your Kids About Divorce – Whart Design

Schools are open from the moment you get up when you leave for work , or just before your child departs for dance classes or soccer practices. It is essential to be there with your child when they hear about the negative announcement. Select a time at which you’ll meet afterward and offer reassurance.

Have a conversation with your children in the presence of the other parent The conversation could be challenging considering that divorces may be considered to be a source of contempt. Having a collaborative discussion with your kids in contrast can be beneficial:

1. This ensures your children get identical information from both their parents. It also reduces confusion, and gives stability through difficult situations.

2. This indicates that your family remains united, that limits the likelihood of your children seeing them as having a split parent.

1. It assures kids that they can be confident that their parents will continue making a difference and being a force for their families.

In answering questions from them make sure you are honest. is important for both of you to give the truth.