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the insurance policy’s minimum liability coverage, which will help you pay for any damages caused to another vehicle. However, if you need to fix the vehicle you own the deductible would still apply.

When purchasing insurance for your car inquire about the set-up and make sure you’re covered with enough funds. Deductibles range from 500 to $1,000 mark based on the type of coverage you select. You can now set up your emergency plans in case of car accidents in the event that you’ve had a rainy-day fund.

Make a digital copy of Your Insurance Card

It’s important to keep an up-to-date version of your insurance policy in your phone or wallet. This will help speed up the process if you need to submit a claim after an accident. You should keep a copy accident report in your vehicle in case an attorney asks you to provide the report. In the majority of cases, after an incident, the other side will simply request your insurance information and file a claim. The next step is to contact your insurance company and give them a report of the accident scene. Even though all of this can be handled online, it’s always best to make an electronic PDF copy of your insurance card handy.

Be calm after an accident

There’s a natural feeling of being at times overwhelmed following an accident nevertheless, it’s essential to remain as calm and collected as possible. Take several deep breaths, and examine for injury. If you need to, dial 911. You’ll receive directions from the operator on how to proceed. If the accident may be, they will dispatch an officer.

Then, take note of the events that occurred in the aftermath of the collision. Snap photos of the vehicles in the crash, damage or skid marks as well as exchange contact information with any witnesses present at the site. It is best to contact auto accident lawyers after your vehicle is safe.

Do your investigation on the lawyers who can help you in a car accident.

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