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You might also consider the possibility of ductless heating and cooling. This is another great way to save on heating and cooling costs.
The Roof

Did you know that you can also make use of digital technology from the rooftop? It’s really simple. What you have to do is to install solar roofing. Instead of only roofing only one thing, solar shingles are able to generate energy. Solar shingles combine the reliability of traditional shingles as well as solar-generated power. If you’re looking into solar power, but are quite dissatisfied with how the traditional shingles look, solar shingles may be what you need. They can be used to create your roofing material of choice, or you can just throw them in on specific areas of your roof.

At one time, solar shingles were extremely flexible and able to bend and move. They had to be placed in the middle of roofing materials. Today, however, one are able to find rigid solar shingles which are suitable to use for roofing as the main material. In other words, they can be used in lieu of other roofing materials, not to be used as an extra layer. The possibility exists of installing a roofing for your house completely made of solar shingles. What you need to be aware of is that such a decision will be a huge expense.

Manufacturers have managed to create better solar shingles with time. If you are thinking about building solar-powered shingles for your house, you will find aesthetically pleasing options that you can choose to install. It is not necessary to compromise curb appeal in order to get greater efficiency. There are two options to choose from. Solar shingles appear similar to roofing material. That makes them a perfect match for your decor. Solar shingles are lightweight they won’t be heavy on your roofing. Additionally, you can combine them with standard roofing shingles if necessary. Since solar shingles represent a technological advancement, they’re very competitive with respect to solar power generating capacity. They produce anywhere from 13 to 17 watts.