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This is the power level that will be provided by the drive shaft altering the pattern of shift. The higher gears will allow more vehicle movement. Stick shifts will include the Hi/Lo button that lets you to pick the gear you want.

The front section of the transmission for the truck is house to five major gears that range from one to five on low, and up to ten on the high. It is possible to alter the rates of the gears through the addition of an additional section. There is a main shaft located in front along with an auxiliary to high gear. Also, there is lower gear reduction. Auxiliary countershaft assemblies are used for turning the entire machine. The main shaft is defined by one of the clutches that slide (pie plate) and a high range synchronizer. To guarantee smooth operation the parts are made of materials for friction as well as clutching teeth. There are also low range and high range mating surfaces that are in place.