Radon 7 Things to Look Out For in Your Home – CEXC


Radon is a building contaminant that accumulates. Radon has been detected in high concentrations all over America. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises that when buying a new home or selling an existing one, have it tested for radon.

older homes built prior to 1975 are especially predisposed to a risk. These were the years when rules were put in place to prevent radon gas accumulation. If other houses within the same neighborhood are okay for radon, still make sure you test your house. The radon concentrations are different from building to building.

Radon tests are often performed by a home inspector. You may wonder, “Can I do a radon test myself?” The EPA states, “Yes.” An inexpensive radon test could be purchased at a retail store or online for about $30. The EPA suggests testing the basement in addition to other areas of your home since the radon gas is confined to the surface.

If your home’s radon tests shows that there’s too amount of radon present in the residence How can you deal with it? Installing radon-traps in the basement can be a solution. To improve ventilation it is possible to have systems put in place.