Replacing Your Garage Door Spring – ANTIQUE MARKETPLACE

This can be made easier by coating the tips with color. Be sure to examine the springs you have. Make sure the spring’s diameter is checked and see if they’re coated. It is possible to disconnect the springs and simply let your garage door come down using a bathroom scale. Easy, right?

In order to release any tension from springs, lift the garage door fully. This is the best way to secure the door. You’re removing the springs, and if not done, your door is likely to close creating more trouble. In order to do this, you can place vice grips on the door. Also, unplug the opener.

Now, take the S-hook from the angle bracket that is slotted and mark it for future reference. Remove the spring pulley. Secure the cable with tape to the pully to secure the setting secure so that it doesn’t overlook it.

The spring’s opposite end must be taken off. In order to remove it, feed the safety cable across the spring.

The safety cable must be connected to the springs. Connect the springs onto the rear anchor bar, and reattach the S-hook to the angle bracket with slotted slots. Join the pulley with an anchor bar on the rear, and ensure that the cables don’t get tangled.

Once you’ve finished one section then you’re ready to go for the second. The video below provides more details about the equipment which you must use.