The Basics of HVAC – Do it Yourself Repair

C is a reference to Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning. It is the combination of indoor and outdoor systems, as well as furnaces and ducts that work together to maintain a high level in temperature and quality at home. This video will explain the basics of HVAC air conditioners.

There are a variety of components in the system of air conditioning, however, two of the most important components are the condenser and the Evaporator. Condensers are located outdoors but the evaporator situated inside the building. Both heat exchangers remove heat from the air and release it out to the exterior.

The other major component responsible for circulating refrigerant within the AC device is the compressor. It is a chemical that can change from a liquid to a gas effortlessly, making it easy to move between the pipes of the air conditioner.

The refrigerant converts to gas once warm air passes across it. The gas that has evaporated (gas) refrigerant is used to transport heat from the home. Once refrigerant gets out of the dwelling by the compressor before going into the condenser. Here it is cooled back into a liquid. It all starts again.

To learn more look up the video above.