The Best Home Architecture Documentaries That Capture Custom Building on Film – The Film Frame

d other architectural feats is one of the things that set Philip Johnson apart from other designers and what individuals tend to reflect upon and strive to replicate when they create these stunning contemporary houses that truly custom.
Microtopia (2013 by Jesper Wachtmeister)

The documentary follows several designers from all over the world that are changing the concept of modern homes. They are some of the best home builders, who are striving to create new ways of living in small living spaces we might not have thought of without our own imagination.

This is truly an eye-opening documentary that helps to shed a bit of light on the phenomenon of tiny homes that are very popular today. This documentary showcases a wide range of architects who discuss their unique design of micro-homes. If you love seeing those ready to accept different challenges, then this documentary film is entertaining.

Lego House – the home of the Brick

Another amazing documentary. This one will test our notions of homes built to order. The story shows builders who employ traditional Lego models as a basis for building their own customized home. It’s available on Netflix. The series tracks every step of the process from concept to the final design. This is a fantastic documentary that shows how a home built in extreme conditions is done and also the enjoyment of building a home.

While most of us will never reside in houses built from Legos however, they’re enjoyable to watch and better to visualize. If you’re in search of something to inspire your children with regards to architecture, this video should be on your list.

What is it that makes Custom Home Building so Popular?

In a society where customization is paramount, everyone desires to customize their homes and homes to suit their requirements.