The Different Types of Hardwood Floor – Family Dinners

There are a variety of flooring choices for solid hardwood flooring if solid hardwood floors are not an option. Engineered hardwoods offer the same amount of thickness as the traditional solid hardwood, but they can be more economical. This video will outline several of the primary distinctions between these two types of wood.

Engineered wood is composed of different materials, however typically, it’s made of vinyl. The center of the wood could be composed of plywood high-density fiberand other. The veneer that covers the exterior of the engineered hardwood comes in a variety of possibilities to give you the exact look you want.

Engineered wood has numerous advantages over traditional hardwood, including its resistance to moisture. The weather can trigger moisture to change, causing flooring made from solid wood of various dimensions and shapes to shrink and expand. These can lead to spaces between the board or to bulges appearing on the floor.

Engineered Hardwood can be found in basements or other areas that are below your home’s quality. The hardwoods also work well in rooms with plumbing appliances. They’re typically lower maintenance than hardwood floors. It will save you cash in the long term.

For more information on engineered hardwoods, take a look at this video above.