The HealthWell Foundation Helps People In Need Get Life Saving Medical Help – Daily Objectivist

The Foundation manages a variety of projects that are funded by various foundations as well as companies. The goal of the Foundation is to help those in need get the best care possible, regardless of their ability to afford it.
Highly Rated From Leading Charity Oversight Organizations

One of America’s largest charities one of the largest, the HealthWell Foundation, is dedicated to helping people suffering from chronic illnesses get care when it matters the most. Many millions of dollars are given annually to the HealthWell Foundation that allows them to continue providing assistance to those who require it most without any strings attached or fees. Charity Navigator rates the HealthWell Foundation as one of the top charitable organizations. This is due to the fact that they evaluate charities in terms of financial performance including transparency, accountability, as well as transparency. Charity Navigator has given it four star with 100 marks out 100.

Diverse disease Funds Portfolio Manager

A Disease Fund is managed by the HealthWell Foundation. It provides funds for medical research and health education , as well as public health initiatives. These funds support research on rare diseasesthat are typically underfunded due to their lack of commercial value which means they receive very little money by pharmaceutical companies or other sources. The funds for diseases help to provide greater access to patients whose ailments fall under these categories, which include cystic fibrosis Alzheimers treatment for Alzheimers, and sickle-cell disease via grants that are directly to health institutions across the United States.

Programs for recovering patients

The main objective of the foundation is to help people recovering from heart attacks, strokes and other medical issues through providing medical services, such as rehab and cardiac rehabilitation along with orthopedic therapy, as well as other related services. The goal is to assist those who are in financial difficulty or are unable to spend money on healthcare. Volunteers and staff offer this assistance