The Largest Tornadoes Ever Recorded – The Film Frame

It is possible to tear off your roof and leave it on the house. If this happens it is possible to call a residential roofing expert. Other tornadoes can also decimate houses. A majority of tornadoes fall of the second category. However, they appear in all dimensions, shapes, and intensities. This video will show you some of the largest tornadoes that have ever been captured. Some of these tornadoes are greater than a mile long!

In 1925, a powerful storm system swept through the southern United States. The system would produce 12 tornadoes within a single day. One of these tornadoes would be one of the most famous tornadoes in history. The tornado is also known by the name of Tri-State Tornado. The tornado was first observed in Missouri. When it increased in size, the wind speeds reached 250 miles per hour. The storm was able to destroy everything it hit including schools and houses. It was nearly 1 mile wide, and traveled up to 70 miles per dwelling across many states. It was named for this region. The tornado was deadly.