Tornado Devastates Northern Michigan – Strong Scene Contest

en catch people by surprise. This video shows how violent tornadoes struck Gaylord at the state of Michigan.

The video is composed of clips that show different perspectives from local angles of the same tornado. One clip shows cars are parked in the road recording the tornado when it moves by. Though the winds can whip up violently at times, it’s difficult to assess their force. The tornado then causes a roof to fly away as it’s thrown. It’s a frightening display of power. Any person unfortunate enough to be in that building will need serious repairs to their commercial roof.

In accordance with the force of a tornado it can be classified as EF0 or EF5. It’s extremely difficult to assess the force of a tornado while they are sitting on the ground. This is why wind strength is usually determined later through the extent of damage. It is possible that the tornado was near the top of this range. It is evident as you look at the extent of damage it caused in others of the clips.