What Are the Top Ten Biggest Shopping Malls Like? – Ceve Marketing

Despite the fact that malls have declined in the US over the last decade, this is not an issue for malls around the world.

The most successful shopping centers in the world are more than just the assortment of shops and fast-food outlets gathered in the same building. For them to be successful for the long haul mall owners knew they needed to encourage the maximum number of people to continuously visit their malls. The malls’ designs included everything a customer might need for entertainment beyond the mall. These include movie theatres, cars showrooms as well as hotels.

The ten largest malls in the world are located in remote locations like China or the Philippines and Iran. The malls span from 474,000 to 1,950,000 sq. meters. It is the largest mall located in Iran that has 3 hotels, 700 stores and 12 cinemas. In addition, there are numerous galleries and art museums. The mall also houses an Iranian bazaar, an enormous hypermarket, a book garden and a theatre that can seat 12,000 patrons.

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