Wiring 101 Learning the Basics – Rad Center


You can be exposed to hazardous and dangerous elements. The process requires years of experience to ensure that every wiring element is placed precisely where it’s supposed to. Thus, wiring your home is an exhausting task. Some wiring jobs are easier than others. There’s one thing that’s sure. You must be aware of the procedure you’re using. In this video, we will be looking at some fundamental electrical installation techniques and tricks to ensure that your wiring project goes as you planned.

In the beginning, it is important to locate the power source. In the case of residential wiring, look for a rectangular-shaped rectangular box at the top of your wall. It is the primary wire from your power source. You are able to track the principal wires that lead to your different outlets to identify where power is going. Knowing the pathways connecting electrical resources can help you troubleshoot any individual wires , without having to look at the whole system.